Dextacy Electronica, Dub Tech & Experimental Music


I started out Dj'ing at the age of around 15 back in 1998, mixing anything and everything I could get my hand on, from old ska, punk and reggae 45's, early jungle, hardcore and techno dubplates, house and garage classics to twisted afx and warp record breaks.

From playing around with music and meeting like minded people who introduced me to new styles I gained an open minded approach to music, and started to develop my own style of DJing.

Later on I joined the Birmingham Creative, a music and art's collective who helped push creativite thinking to the streets of Brum.Click To Find Out More

Latest News

After recently DJing as part of the Quantum Rug Traders Collective on Internet Radio Station we have been in talks about setting up our own Internet Radio Station.

Latest Mix

Vinyl Quick Mix, A mixture of dark style dubstep, dub electonica and gabba... A little rough but done on a 15 old Soundlab Belt Drive Deck, 8 year old Numark Direct Drive and a old Numark DM 1001 X Click to download mix